Puroclean of South Charlotte is a leader in property damage repair throughout Huntersville, NC. Some of the services we provide are as follows. Contact us at 704-644-8686 for immediate help!

Water Damage Repairpuroclean_quick_dry_system

At Puroclean, we provide the community of Huntersville, NC with expert water damage repair services and are available 24/7.  Our licensed and certified technicians use high-tech water extraction machines, air movers and scrubbers, as well as high intensity dehumidifiers to ensure all water and hidden moisture is properly eliminated.  We aim for 1005 customer satisfaction and have earned a solid reputation as an honest and trustworthy company.

Fire & Smoke Damage Repair

Puroclean provides local, fast and reliable fire and smoke damage repair services throughout the Huntersville, NC community.  Our 24/7 emergency response technicians will immediately secure your property from further damage and begin the restoration process.  We work with all major insurance companies to quickly evaluate the property damage and restore it to its’ pre-loss condition.  We repair all structural damages resulting from the sire, as well as clean and sanitize the structure to ensure smoke, soot and odors are completely removed.

Mold Damage Removal

Puroclean offers immediate response for mold damage removal services throughout Huntersville, NC, for both homes or businesses.  When the presence of mold exists, it must be mitigated immediately by professionals.  Ignoring the presence of mold may lead to further damage to your structure, personal belongings and your health.  Our certified mold removal experts identify the source of the mold, contain the affected area and remove all moisture associated with the mold growth.  Our high-tech air scrubbers and dehumidifiers, vigorously clean the area and make certain that the property is deodorized, sanitized and safe to occupy.


Biohazard Cleanup Services

Puroclean is a leader in biohazard cleanup services throughout the Huntersville, NC area.  We understand that unexpected events such as sewage backups, accidental deaths, suicides or homicides occurring on your property are challenging to say the least.  We pride ourselves on having a team that is compassionate and works in a caring manner to swiftly contain and remove the bio-hazardous waste and return your property to its’ original state, with the least of amount of disruption.

Insurance Property Repair

At Puroclean, we help Huntersville, NC property owners through the oftentimes, stressful process of insurance property repair.  Our 24/7 emergency services are available for properties that have suffered fire or smoke damage, water or wind damage, mold, storm or other natural disaster.  We maintain a solid relationship both within the local community, as well as with all major insurance companies and their adjusters, which enables us to restore your property with the least amount of interruption possible.